Helen McGinley, John Gibson, and Hazel Convery

Helen McGinley

A passionate Scot, Helen has been dancing since her teens and has been a member of the Dublin club since moving to Ireland in 1998. She began teaching Scottish dancing around 1993 and has written a number of Scottish dances. She is very involved with the RSCDS. You can learn more about Helen and read all about her Scottish dancing adventures in her blog:  Helen’s Blog

John Gibson

John hails from Musselburgh (near Edinburgh) but only took up SCD when living and working in Surrey in south-east England. He moved to Dublin in 1987 and immediately became involved in the Club, teaching the group from 1989 to the mid-1990s. He studied in Edinburgh from 2000 to 2004, and joined the regular teaching rota following his return. He teaches Step and Formation Practice most Thursdays at 7.30.

Hazel Convery

Hazel was born and grew up in Scotland and came to Ireland in 1967 when she married an Irishman. She started dancing as a small girl but took on teaching more recently. Hazel uses her many years of experience to make the evenings challenging and enjoyable for everyone.


John and Judy Barnes

John and Judy Barnes

John (accordion) and Judy (fiddle) have been playing and writing traditional music together for many years. They moved to Dublin in the late 80s and have been playing regularly for the club for over 30 years. We are so fortunate to have John and Judy providing live music for us every week!